Jonathan Katz is a professional photographer based in Denver, Colorado.

I walk the streets and alleys of my residential Denver neighborhood looking for photographic subjects, so I call myself a street photographer.  But I don't often take photos of people or street scenes in my day-to-day photographic explorations. Instead, I use everyday surfaces and mundane objects as my visual palette. As with other forms of street photography I often get but one chance to capture an image well. Although my subject matter is usually inanimate and stationary, I still approach any scene from the best angle I can find and seek the "critical moment," because changing light values and reflections often contribute to what works in an image.

My hope is that viewers will appreciate and take pleasure in the complexity and beauty caused by the random, intention-less forces which affect everyday objects as they age in the world.  Rusting metallic dumpsters, fading wood fences, stained concrete, stone tiles, and other ubiquitous and unnoticed objects and surfaces are the basis for the images on display.

My website portfolio of prints-for-sale features a large selection of diverse abstract art ranging from bold to subdued images in a wide range of color palettes.  These images are available as prints in a variety of sizes, treatments, and price options.


-- Jonathan Katz


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