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The images in this gallery, while abstract, tend to be suggestive. I'm often struck by how differently viewers interpret images. Interestingly, what often appears to me as an obvious interpretation of an image is sometimes quite different than what another viewer sees. It is sometimes a challenge to change one's interpretation once an image has suggested an interpretation. For example, "Hark" seemed like a clear depiction of a bird in action but I had a viewer tell me that he saw a Yeti trudging uphill. It took a while, but I am now able to switch easily between interpretations.
Stone FacedLettle PegLonelinessFamily PortraitFlagstone CreatureCave PaintingFieldPsychedelic Cowboy CampfireFoil AbstractBoy WonderSwimOld Celestial FriendAn Abstract Bug's LifeVisitationPrehistoric Flying CreatureThe Goose and the WizardBird Still LifeWatchdogOutdoorsAs Seen From Above